Continuing Education

Keep up to date on The latest Canadian radon industry trends and continue to learn while completing these approved courses for your personal development credits to keep your C-NRPP certification.

Radon Measurements in Schools and Large Buildings – Canada

This course, approved by the C-NRPP for 4 educational CE credits, expands the radon measurement professional's skills beyond testing residential structures to be able to take advantage of the expanding market of conducting surveys in large buildings such as schools and apartment buildings.

Testing large buildings entails a lot more than taking using more test devices. It is necessary to be able to convey to the client why multiple locations need to be tested; be able to implement communication plans for occupants; and to understand special approaches to interpreting results to provide the best value to the client while shielding you from downstream liabilities.

This course, recorded at a live classroom session at the National Radon Conference in Vancouver in April, 2015 deals with all of these issues and more. It also provides sample notices, log sheets and other tools you will need to fully implement a large survey.

You will be able to watch and listen to the lecture as well as benefit from the poignant questions posed by the live audience, consisting of radon professionals just like you.

Cost: $95.00 cdn
C-NRPP 1008 CE Hours: 4


Radon: Train the Speaker – Canada

This four hour continuing education course as approved by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program will assist the radon professional in delivering meaningful presentations to homeowners, real estate professionals, home builders, lenders — you name it. Getting out and providing short presentations on radon is a great way to increase public awareness and a great way to present yourself as a radon professional to potential clients. However, there are some pitfalls that you can easily fall into, which is why this course can help you.

With this course being recorded at the April 2015 National Radon Conference in Vancouver you will benefit from techniques that have proven successful by the instructor as well as interaction with radon professionals who participated in the session. You will learn some effective techniques, and will be provided with a set of PowerPoint slides which you can use as a foundation when delivering your programs.

To register for this convenient and comprehensive online course click here.

Cost: $95.00 cdn
C-NRPP 1009 CE Hours: 4